Structural plasticity on the SpiNNaker many-core neuromorphic system



> input_shape_generation: [code] a Jupyter notebook exemplifying the use of functions which generate a few different input shapes (Gaussian, Pointy, Square). The actual functions used when simulating are in the "simulation_run" folder.

>results:[data + code] numpy .npz archives with results for various experiments and presented in the eponymous paper. Folder names containing "vs." show results from performing sensitivity analysis. Additionally, each one contains a folder with a long string of alphanumerical characters as a name; within are contained the raw results of the simulations (connectivity, all of the spiking activity, parameters used). Moreover, a processed data set is available. Files with the prefix "batch" contains information about the entire respective batch run, while "batch_analysis" contains all of the results for each respective batch run. Finally, each folder contains a Jupyter notebook revealing the structure of each result archive, how the figures were plotted etc.

>simulation_analysis:[code] Python scripts used to analyse raw data, given in individual files or as a batch. For more details type:
``python --help ``

>simulation_run:[code] Python scripts used to simulate the network with a variety of parameters. For more details type:
``python --help ``
Date made available8 Mar 2018
PublisherMendeley Data

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