Supplementary data for PhD thesis "In Their Own Image? Church-Building in the Deanery of Manchester 1847-1903: Relationships between Donor, Architect and Churchmanship"

  • Meriel Boyd (Creator)



The dataset was accumulated over the period 2006 to 2014 in the course of doctoral-level exploration of the hypothesis that, between 1847 and 1903 in the Deanery of Manchester, singular-funded churches – built de novo, re-built or extended – could be described as created in their donors' image. (On 'singular' funding, see thesis, 'Introduction', p. 13, and 'Appendix Introduction.1 Establishing singular funding', pp. 257-258.) In the process, sixty-one churches, fifty donors and thirty-six architects/architectural practices were investigated, drawing upon many and varied sources (see thesis 'Introduction, 3 Sources', pp. 15-18). The dataset, structured according to donor-category (Members of Parliament, Industrialists, Non-Industrialists) and subsequently by donor (see thesis, Appendix 1.1, p. 289-290), is composed of text and image files provided in Word and JPEG format respectively. Text files use headings: ‘Biographical’ (composed of donor biographies and family histories); ‘Church Data’ (for which the chief generative source is each church’s site visit, though written sources are also employed); ‘Extra Material’ (pertaining to donors and their funded churches); and ‘Architect(s)’ (working notes on the commissioned professionals and their oeuvre, with particular focus on ecclesiastical, local and personal interests and characteristics). Image files provide photographs of site-visits to churches (which record exteriors, interiors, settings, items of parish-literature) and in some cases architectural plans and other contemporary documents. The dataset is accessible under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.
Date made available15 Jul 2016
PublisherUniversity of Manchester

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