Supplementary material from "How successful are mutants in multiplayer games with fluctuating environments? Sojourn times, fixation and optimal switching"



    Using a stochastic model, we investigate the probability of fixation, and the average time taken to achieve fixation, of a mutant in a population of wild-types. We do this in a context where the environment in which the competition takes place is subject to stochastic change. Our model takes into account interactions which can involve multiple participants. That is, the participants take part in multiplayer games. We find that under certain circumstances, there are environmental switching dynamics which minimize the time that it takes for the mutants to fixate. To analyse the dynamics more closely, we develop a method by which to calculate the sojourn times for general birth–death processes in fluctuating environments.
    Date made available1 Mar 2018


    • evolutionary games
    • sojourn times
    • fixation dynamics
    • switching environments

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