Titanium and Zirconium Overview - Superalloy lecture 1



This set of lectures is on "Introduction to titanium and zirconium alloys" for the Superalloys & High Performance Materials course part 1. This part of the course was taught by Dr Alec Davis and Dr Christopher Daniel at The University of Manchester in 2021. Video 1 gives an overview of the fundamentals and applications of titanium and zirconium alloys. Video 2 describes the hexagonal close-packed (HCP) crystal cell and how crystal planes and directions are indexed in this structure. Video 3 explains the Kroll process. The live lecture goes through example questions and hosts a discussion for the "Titanium and Zirconium Overview" topic. It was recorded on Thursday 15th February 2021.
Date made available14 May 2021
PublisherUniversity of Manchester Figshare


  • zirconium alloys
  • titanium alloys
  • aerospace industry
  • metals and alloy materials

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