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    The bioautomation and robotics facility includes multiple robotics platforms to automate any lab process, including high throughput sample processing for downstream analytics, directed evolution of enzymes, high throughput assays, DNA library generation and screening, DNA pathway assembly pipeline, compound library screening, high throughput GCMS/LCMS/HPLC plate setup and any tailored or bespoke high throughput lab automation solution.

    The following instrumentation is available:

    Royce-MIB Chemicals Materials Discovery robotic platform encompassing 3 x Thermo Cytomat 2 Incubators, a Thermo Cytomat 10 storage Hotel, Labcyte Echo 650 nl acoustic liquid handling robot, 2 x Hamilton Microlab STAR liquid handling robot, 2x 4titude A4s Plate sealers, 2 x BioNek Hig4 centrifuge, Brooks XPeel Plate de-sealer, BMG ClarioStar Plate reader, 3 x PCR Automated Thermal Cycler, Thermo Multi Combi liquid handler, BioTek Plate washer
    Automated colony pickers
    Multiple volume liquid handling robots (nanolitres-millilitres)
    High-throughput microbioreactors
    Automated isothermal calorimetry


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