Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences Technology Platform

  • Derren Heyes (Senior Technical Specialist),
  • Christopher Boothman (Senior Technical Specialist),
  • Lisa Cliffe (Technical Specialist),
  • Mark Dunstan (Senior Technical Specialist),
  • Marina Golovanova (Senior Technician),
  • Robin Hoeven (Technical Specialist),
  • Ruth Lopez Perez (Senior Technician),
  • Michiyo Sakuma (Senior Technician),
  • Shirley Tait (Senior Technician) &
  • Viranga Tilakaratna (Senior Technician)

Facility/equipment: Platform



    The Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences technology platform includes a range of facilities that support all biological-related activity in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The majority of the activity is based in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology with additional facilities in geomicrobiology (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Williamson building) and fermentation / bioprocessing (Department of Chemical Engineering, MECD).

    We work at the interface of physical sciences, engineering and biology and provide a major link to facilities in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. The platform supports a wide array of research activities in areas that include the physical understanding of biological systems, engineering biomolecules and biological processes, biomaterials and environmental sciences.

    The platform is managed by 10 specialists and technicians, who are responsible for running 6 separate research facilities.


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