Biochemical preparation facility

  • Marina Golovanova (Senior Technician),
  • Ruth Lopez Perez (Senior Technician),
  • Michiyo Sakuma (Senior Technician),
  • Shirley Tait (Senior Technician) &
  • Viranga Tilakaratna (Senior Technician)

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    The biochemical preparation facility is a centralised facility for the preparation, growth and purification of biological samples. We provide support in microbiology and sample preparation to all groups in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, as well as the wider faculty. The facility consists of the following equipment:

    Microbiology / tissue culture facilities
    Shaker incubators
    Cell disruptors
    FPLC protein purification systems
    Imaging / microscopy instruments
    Fluorescence activated cell sorter (FACS, Sony SH800)
    Anaerobic gloveboxes
    Plate readers


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