Deben CT500 microtester in-situ mechanical tester for X-ray CT applications

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- Modular tensile & compression testing system to be installed within a conventional X-ray tomography system or at a synchrotron beamline
- Tensile jaws and compression platens, 3 & 4 point bending clamps
- Simple specimen exchange mechanism with ULTEM polymer support tube, 1.5mm wall thickness (3.0mm in beam path)
- Open frame adaption available
- Fitted with 100N load cell. Load cell with accuracy, 1% of full scale range
- Maximum load reading resolution, 1000:1 dynamic, 2000:1 static (of full scale range)
- Maximum extension 10mm. Stroke can be set depending on customer requirements: default is (10-20mm tensile), (15-5mm compression) with compression platens fitted
- 10mm linear extensometer for position readout, resolution 3μm, linearity 1% of full scale
- Speed range 0.1mm/min to 1.0mm/min
- Stage weight: ~1.0kg


NameDeben CT500
ManufacturersDeben UK Ltd


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