Deben CT5000-HR250 in-situ mechanical tester for X-ray CT applications

  • Christina Reinhard (Senior Technical Specialist) &
  • Jacob Lewis-Fell (Technical Specialist)

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    The University of Manchester at Harwell (UoMaH)

    Diamond Light Source, Harwell Campus


    OX11 0DE

    United Kingdom

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- modulear tensile and compression testing
- stand alone operation in the laboratory, inside a laboratory X-ray source or for use at synchrotron X-ray facilities
- equipped with 500N or 500kN load cell (interchangable), accuracy 1% of full scale range
- available with vitreous glassy carbon support tube or open frame adaptation
- maximum extension 10mm
- heated jaws with temperature from room temperature to +250°C
- 3-point and 4-point bending setup available
- weight ~6.5kg


NameDeben CT5000-H250
ManufacturersDeben UK Ltd


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