Design, Fabrication and Testing

  • Stephen Burley (Platform Lead),
  • William Storey (Technical Manager),
  • John Mason (Senior Technician),
  • Nigel Williams (Assistant Technician),
  • Alan Nesbitt (Technical Specialist),
  • Christopher Cowan (Senior Technician),
  • Lawrence Bailey (Senior Technician),
  • Gemma Leslie (Technician),
  • Kevin Totton (Senior Technician),
  • Andrij Zadoroshnyj (Technical Specialist) &
  • Stephen Cowling (Senior Technician)

Facility/equipment: Platform

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    The Design, Fabrication and Testing Platform builds upon the innovative, creative, practical and research capabilities of our enterprising technical staff. The platform aims to accelerate interdisciplinary research by recognising the intrinsic synergies in the experimental workflows of Natural Science and Engineering. The expert Technical staff support diverse but aligned areas of research from Heavy Structures and Concrete design, fabrication and testing to Non-Destructive Testing, development and construction of novel fibre, polymers and composite materials.


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