DSC 250

  • Chloe Loveless (Senior Technical Specialist),
  • Nicola Jones (Technical Specialist),
  • Mohammed Jamali (Senior Technician) &
  • Parnian Doostdar (Technician)

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    The TA Instruments Discovery DSC 250 measure the amount of heat released or absorbed by a sample during heating or cooling over a range of temperature. This provides information on phase transitions that occur during a particular heating or cooling profile; such transitions include melting point, glass transitions. Other information such as degree of crystallisation and specific heat capacity can also be measured and calculated using the DSC 250.

    → Temperature range: -90 ºC to +400 ºC
    → Atmosphere in furnace: nitrogen or compressed dry air
    → Sample: 2-20 mg
    → Optional curing furnace available

    To request training follow the 'website' link. Please note you must have completed the necessary H&S inductions for the Royce Hub Building and L6 laboratories prior to requesting training.


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