FET Fibre Line

  • Cristina Valles (Academic lead),
  • Jonny Blaker (Academic lead),
  • Chloe Loveless (Senior Technical Specialist) &
  • Nicola Jones (Technical Specialist)

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    The FET-200 series fibre line has the ability to extrude in both ‘wet’ and ‘melt’ spinning modes.


    The FET wet line is capable of spinning a wide range of different fibre types with a variety of solvent* and polymer combinations.

    The FET wet line has 5 modules, including wet-spinning engine (consisting of temperature-controlled dope tank, extruder, and coagulation bath with recirculation), wash and drying tank, haul-off module, winders, and the control panel.

    The dope solution is metered into the coagulation bath to produce fibres. The fibres are then drawn through a wash tank, dried and wound onto a spool.

    *Note that due to the control measures in place, the system is currently limited to aqueous and ionic liquids in the coagulation bath


    The FET melt line is a large single screw extruder capable of making both mono-filament and multi-filament fibres. The system can be used to extrude polymers (virgin and recycled).

    The FET has 5 heating zones down the screw, a melt pump, die house and spinneret, which can each be individually programmed to the desired temperature.

    There is a haul-off module with a temperature-controlled infrared drying area, leading to the winder where the fibres are collected on a spool.

    Once running, the system can be run in ‘automatic’ mode, where the system alters the screw speed to maintain constant pressure while the extruder is operating.

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