Horiba GDOES 2

  • Marek Nikiel (Technical Specialist)

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    Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy is and destructive profiler for elemental analysis. Plasma is etching the sample, while optical emission is being registered by polychromator. The data is being registered as a photodetectors voltage vs time, which can be quantified to depth profile, if the sputtering rate (depth of crater after the measurements) is measured for each phase.
    Elements on polychromator: H, O, Cl, N, C, P, S, Pb, Au, B, Si, Cu, Zr, No, Co, Ta, Ti, Fe, Mg, Mo, Al, Mn, V, Cr, W, Zn, Na, Li, F, K


    • QC Physics
    • Elemental composition
    • Depth profile
    • destructive analysis
    • Optical emission spectroscopy
    • polychromator
    • plasma


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