Instron Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Tester ETMT 8800 mechanical test rig

  • Christina Reinhard (Senior Technical Specialist) &
  • Jacob Lewis-Fell (Technical Specialist)

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    The University of Manchester at Harwell (UoMaH)

    Diamond Light Source, Harwell Campus


    OX11 0DE

    United Kingdom

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System performance:
• Load capacity +/-3 kN
• Load accuracy +/-0.005% load cell capacity or 0.5% of indicated load (whichever is greater)
• Maximum speed 1500 mm/min
• Total actuator travel 10mm (+/-5mm of 16mm grip separation)
• Minimum speed 0.000024 mm/min
• Position resolution 0.05 micron up to 200mm/min, 1 micron between 200 mm/min and 1500mm/min (with extensometer)
• Actuator speed accuracy (zero or constant load) +/- 0.1% of set speed
• Maximum temperature up to 1500 °C (specimen dependent) using resistance heating
• Operation in air, inert atmosphere, or vacuum
• Suitable for X-ray imaging, limited suitability for X-ray tomography (limited angle tomography only)
• Suitable for X-ray diffraction
• Currently only available for users of Diamond Light Source that have been awarded peer beam time at beamline I12 (Diamond access rules:
• The use of the ETMT is free of charge for academic users performing experiments at beamline I12. The use of this equipment must be agreed with UoMaH ([email protected]) in advance of submitting a proposal.
All potential ETMT user will have to undergo a 2-day training course (day 1 provided by Instron (paid by the user), day 2 for familiarisation with the ETMT using own samples) ahead of any experiment. For feasibility testing (without X-ray beam) contact the UoMaH team.

If the ETMT is used in an experiment that results in a publication, the publication will reference The University of Manchester / Diamond collaboration in the following manner: "This experiment was possible due to the contribution of The University of Manchester at Harwell (UoMaH) ETMT" and include UoMaH staff members supporting the experiment as a co-author.


NameInstron ETMT
ManufacturersInstron Limited
 C Reinhard, 2022


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