Large Facilities (Diamond Light Source, ISIS, CLF) experimental and beamtime support

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    The University of Manchester at Harwell (UoMaH)

    Diamond Light Source, Harwell Campus


    OX11 0DE

    United Kingdom



We support the hiring of equipment for use on prospective beamtime experiments and/or requests for experimental support at the UK large facilities DLS, ISIS and CLF.

Available support covers all aspects of from conception to finalisation around beamtime:

- Support in proposal writing and application for beamtime
- Interfacing between user, beamline staff and SHE to ensure a safe and successful experiment
- Equipment functionality testing ahead of the beamtime, provision of training
- Equipment installation at the beamline
- Technical support and/or equipment operation (where requested or required to ensure safety) during beamtime
- Equipment disassembly after beamtime
- Data analysis support during and after beamtime


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