MiniLab - Compounder

  • Chloe Loveless (Senior Technical Specialist),
  • Nicola Jones (Technical Specialist),
  • Mohammed Jamali (Senior Technician) &
  • Parnian Doostdar (Technician)

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    The HAAKE MiniLab 3 is a micro compounder for compounding and extruding of very small amounts of materials (about 5 g).

    The material can be extruded directly from the minilab in tape form or rod form, if required, with 4 dies available ranging from 0.5 mm to 1 mm diameter that can be attached.

    The minilab includes a backflow channel, which allows the operator to determine the residence time of the material within the extruder. In addition, the viscosity of the material can be calculated in this reflux channel by measuring the pressure drop.

    To request training follow the 'website' link. Please note you must have completed the necessary H&S inductions for the Royce Hub Building and L6 laboratories prior to requesting training.


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