Next generation sequencing / bioinformatics facility

  • Christopher Boothman (Senior Technical Specialist)

Facility/equipment: Facility



    We have a number of next generation, long-read DNA sequencing technologies to support many aspects of microbial genomic, strain engineering / characterisation and other engineering biology programmes. We provide access to Pacific Biosciences (Pacbio) next-generation DNA sequencer (a stand-alone long-read instrument with stacking capability for highly accurate genome and other DNA sequencing), Illumina MySeq (16S Metagenomic Sequencing) and the Nanopore (long-read sequencing for quick turnaround sequencing), as well as expertise in downstream analysis and bioinformatics approaches. A number of other small DNA instruments are also available through this facility, including microfluidics screening platform (Sphere Fluidics Picodroplet), DNA capillary electrophoresis (Agilent Fragment analyser and QIACube (high throughput DNA purification).


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