Oxford instruments: PlasmaPro 100/1 PECVD Stratum PECVD

  • Kunal Lulla Ramrakhiyani (Senior Technical Specialist)

Facility/equipment: Equipment



Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is a type of thin film deposition technique that uses plasma to grow a conformal thin film of material on a substrate. The substrate is placed in a vacuum chamber, into which a gas mixture is introduced. When RF power is applied, this produces the plasma containing reactive species that deposit the chosen material on a substrate.

Further control and process customisability is afforded by the inclusion of a low frequency RF generator, gas flow rate control using MFCs, automatic process pressure control, and a temperature controlled lower electrode/sample platen with helium backing to enhance thermal contact with the wafer at vacuum.

Used in combination, these options allow us to tailor a wide range of parameters to achieve the desired results including the deposition rate and conformality, and film quality, stress, and composition.

Deposition recipes currently supported on this tool include SiNx and SiO2.


NameOxford instruments: PlasmaPro 100/1 PECVD Stratum PECVD
ManufacturersOIPT (Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology Ltd)


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