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    The Platform for Nanoscale Advanced Materials Engineering (or P-NAME) enables the electronic, optical and magnetic doping of advanced materials to provide localised control of functionality with sub-20nm precision. The tool has 2 beams: 1) a multi-ion liquid metal alloy ion source FIB for sample doping and patterning; 2) an electron beam for sample imaging and exposure (SEM).

    Key capabilities:
    – sub-5nm resolution e-beam imaging enabling the target for doping to be identified without ion contamination;
    – isotopically-selected ion doping of species from liquid metal ion sources with sub- 20nm resolution;
    – deterministic single ion to high dose (e.g. 1019 ions/cm2) doping at energies from ~5 to 75 keV (species dependent);
    – 150mm (6-inch) sample handling with vacuum suitcase compatibility.
    – in-situ electrical measurements possible


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    • QD Chemistry


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      Coke, M., Mckenzie, B. E., Blight, D. & Adshead, M.


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