Research Virtual Machine Service (RVMS)

  • Gillian Sinclair (Other)

Facility/equipment: Service

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    Provides resilient Linux and Windows Virtual Machines to research groups

    Service Description
    The RVMS provides resilient, self-administered Debian/RH based Linux and Windows Server Virtual Machines

    Typical uses include:

    Web servers with a SQL database backend.
    Download sites for publicly accessible data (e.g., mounted from the RDS).
    Hosts which require fast, secure access to RDS
    Research Virtual Machines (VMs) are not suited to CPU intensive work or for storing Highly Classified data.

    VMs are hosted on a platform with hardware redundancy and failover, nightly backups, and are located in an IT Services datacentre in which hardware and power supply is monitored.

    For a more comprehensive description of the service, what it can provide and FAQ’s visit the dedicated RVMS website.


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