• Chloe Loveless (Senior Technical Specialist),
  • Nicola Jones (Technical Specialist),
  • Mohammed Jamali (Senior Technician) &
  • Parnian Doostdar (Technician)

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    A respirometer is a device that measures respiration of living organisms. The respirometer determines aerobic or anaerobic biodegradability of solid or liquid samples by measuring the concentration of O2 and CO2 evolved during degradation of samples in soil.

    Biodegradability of plastic materials can be assessed according to ISO 12855-1 and ASTM D 5338.

    Continuous monitoring takes place via the respirometry software, measuring CO2 and O2 concentration, humidity, pressure and temperature of samples. Samples can be granules, powders or liquids.

    To request training follow the 'website' link. Please note you must have completed the necessary H&S inductions for the Royce Hub Building and L6 laboratories prior to requesting training.