SDT 650 coupled to Hiden HPR20

  • Chloe Loveless (Senior Technical Specialist),
  • Nicola Jones (Technical Specialist),
  • Mohammed Jamali (Senior Technician) &
  • Parnian Doostdar (Technician)

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    The TA Instruments SDT 650 provides simultaneous measurement of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The instrument is mostly used for its TGA capabilities from which information on the thermal stability (i.e. decomposition temperatures) can be assessed.

    → Temperature range: 30 °C to 1200 °C
    → Atmospheres inside furnace: nitrogen or compressed dry air
    → Sample: 2-500 mg

    The Hiden HPR20 provides evolved gas analysis using mass spectrometry.
    → Mass range: 1-250 amu
    → Detectors: Faraday or SEM

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