Severn Thermal Solutions high temperature furnace (STS furnace)

  • Christina Reinhard (Senior Technical Specialist),
  • Lorna Sinclair (Technical Specialist) &
  • Jacob Lewis-Fell (Academic lead)

Facility/equipment: Equipment

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    The Univeristy of Manchester at Harwell (UoMaH)

    Diamond Light Source, Harwell Campus


    OX11 0DE

    United Kingdom

Equipments Details


Single zone short height split furnace SF2149B.

- Operating temperature up to 1250°C, using two Silicon Carbide heating elements
- Hot zone dimensions 30mm x 50mm x 30mm 
- N-type thermocouple for temperature control
- Including temperature control system, Eurotherm EPC3016 controller, with RS232 communications.


NameSevern Thermal Solutions furnace
Acquisition date30/06/23
ManufacturersSevern Thermal Solutions
 C Reinhard, 2023


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