Struers Hardness Tester

  • David Whitehead (Platform Lead) &
  • Daniel Wilson (Technical Specialist)

Facility/equipment: Equipment



    The DuraScan micro hardness tester is ideal for solving a wide variety of test tasks providing you with an efficient laboratory companion for hardness testing. A wide variety of applications are covered through the use of templates and help settings according to the current specifications of the standard. Hardness values can be determined for a wide variety of materials and shapes. Perform tests on steel, aluminum, sintered parts, copper and many other materials in the form of flat surfaces, tubes and even spheres.

    The DuraScan series with which all Vickers, Knoop and Brinell test tasks can be tested in a load range between 0.25 g and 62.5 kg features a high level of efficiency, flexibility and process reliability. The DuraScan 10 / 20 models are the ideal semi-automatic micro hardness testers for simple applications. The fully automatic DuraScan 50 / 70 / 80 models are ideal for complex and comprehensive test tasks. The entire test sequence, from setting the indentation parameters to displaying the hardness value, is always fully automated, eliminating operator influence to the greatest possible extent.


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