Accelerated development of a tidal stream energy industry

Impact: Economic, Environmental, Technological


Our research has been key to the development of investor confidence in an emerging UK tidal stream industry. We have contributed to the development and validation of commercial and open-source software for tidal stream system design and our expertise has been instrumental to the successful delivery of major objectives of two national industry-academia marine energy projects commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). Taken together, these outcomes have reduced engineering risks that had been of concern to potential investors. Investor confidence in tidal energy has been increased, as highlighted by Alstom’s £65m acquisition of a turbine developer following a key outcome of the ETI ReDAPT project.
Impact date2014
Category of impactEconomic, Environmental, Technological
Impact levelAdoption

Research Beacons, Institutes and Platforms

  • Energy
  • Sustainable Futures
  • Institute for Data Science and AI