Active, Close-Proximity, Multispectral Imaging (MSI) for Agriculture

    Impact: Economic impacts


    The e-Agri team in the School of EEE have been partnering with a series of industrial collaborators (Syngenta, G’s Fresh, Barfoots, ADAS, Sainsbury’s, amongst others) to deliver a sensor system technology platform. The impact of the work is being manifest in a range of agri-food areas, including delivering the first prototype tractor-mounted MSI unit (March 2017) for precision control of parasitic plants (weeds). Weed control is becoming increasingly difficult due to herbicide resistance and restrictions due to higher regulatory demands. The early impact will be in the replacement of reliance on hand weeding (£2000 / hectare cost, initially within the horticultural sector). The platform is now being extended to disease sensing in crop and patterning of the fungicides, directly on to leaves which drops the chemical input per unit area by circa. two orders of magnitude and enables curative and preventative treatments to be applied to field crops and, the introduction of potent disease-control chemistries.
    Category of impactEconomic impacts