Assessment tools and the impact on learners’ ‘understanding and use’ of mathematics in schools, colleges and higher education

  • Black, Laura (Participant)
  • Valerie Farnsworth (Participant)
  • Paul Hernandez-Martinez (Participant)
  • Graeme Hutcheson (Participant)
  • Pampaka, Maria (Participant)
  • Birgit Pepin (Participant)
  • Alexandra Petridou (Participant)
  • Prevett, Pauline (Participant)
  • Ryan, J.T. (Participant)
  • Geoffrey Wake (Participant)
  • Williams, Julian (Participant)
  • Lawrence Wo (Participant)

Impact: Technological impacts, Societal impacts


The research improved the design and distribution of educational tests and software, textbooks, teaching materials, qualifications, and associated guides and research briefings in mathematics education. The MaLT project test papers have achieved sales of 350,000, with 382 interactive software versions. Some 27,000 certifications have been awarded using the Free Standing Mathematics qualifications. Research has influenced courses designed to aid transition into STEM in higher education, especially 13 programmes in seven universities engaged in a HE STEM funded mathematical modelling project.
Impact date2014
Category of impactTechnological impacts, Societal impacts
Impact levelBenefit