Challenging Cultural Assumptions about Multiple Sclerosis

  • Maria Hyland (Participant)

Impact: Societal impacts, Cultural impacts, Health impacts


Research carried out at The University of Manchester by the award-winning author Maria (M.J.) Hyland has both illuminated and challenged cultural assumptions about Multiple Sclerosis. Hyland’s autobiographical and self-reflective writings have impacted on the public sphere in two ways: 1) they have opened up an international debate in the mass media, literary magazines and among those suffering from the condition about its relation to the practice of writing; 2) they have been used to train future practitioners outside academia such as authors and editors, enhancing the public understanding of writing as a profession and contributing to the success of the editorial consultancy company Hyland & Byrne, which she established in 2011.
Impact date20072013
Category of impactSocietal impacts, Cultural impacts, Health impacts
Impact levelBenefit