Communicating Physics through the Royal Society

  • Shude Mao (Participant)
  • Nicholas Rattenbury (Participant)
  • Bruno Maffei (Participant)
  • Dickinson, Clive (Participant)
  • Matthew Gleeson (Participant)
  • Dierking, Ingo (Participant)
  • Dickinson, Mark (Participant)
  • Konstantin Novoselov (Participant)
  • Andre Geim (Participant)
  • Flavell, Wendy (Participant)
  • Binks, David (Participant)
  • Tom Spencer (Participant)
  • Mathew Fuller (Participant)
  • Adam Avison (Participant)
  • Ian Duerdoth (Participant)
  • Thorsten Wengler (Participant)
  • Oh, Alexander (Participant)
  • Soldner-Rembold, Stefan (Participant)
  • Christian Schwanenberger (Participant)
  • Konstantinos Petridis (Participant)

    Impact: Economic, Technological, Attitudes and behaviours, Awareness and understanding


    We demonstrate a sustained record of the highest quality public engagement with physics, evidenced by the selection of our research for the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition on eight occasions in six successive years (2008 - 2013). Collectively, these exhibits have received more than 94,000 visitors, increasing the knowledge of physics and interest in physics of school pupils and the general public. Each exhibit has produced a lasting legacy of on-going public engagement, influencing, for example, the career choices of an estimated 60,000 students.
    Impact date2014
    Category of impactEconomic, Technological, Attitudes and behaviours, Awareness and understanding
    Impact levelAdoption