Design and implementation of a new treatment for dysphagia after stroke

  • David Thompson (Participant)
  • Hamdy, Shaheen (Participant)
  • Qasim Aziz (Participant)

Impact: Technological impacts, Economic, Health and wellbeing


Dysphagia affects >50% of stroke patients with increased risk of aspiration and pneumonia, costing the NHS approximately £400m pa. Until recently there has been no effective treatment. Over the last 15 years, Hamdy has identified the mechanisms underlying dysphagia after stroke and demonstrated that electrostimulation delivered to the pharynx dramatically alters brain regions controlling swallowing beneficially. This work has gone through extensive clinical evaluation and forms the basis of a company, Phagenesis Ltd (~£10m VC funding), which has now commenced implementation of the technology (PhagenyxTM), gained CE marking and has sold >£2.0m of product in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.
Impact date1 Jan 200831 Jul 2013
Category of impactTechnological impacts, Economic, Health and wellbeing
Impact levelAdoption