Developing Emergency Medical Team Deployments Worldwide

Impact: Health and wellbeing, Policy


Researchers in the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) carried out a series of projects about emergency medical responses to sudden onset disasters, with a focus on the collection, preservation and ownership of medical data. The team’s findings informed World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs), first published in 2013, which set the standards now used to validate EMTs globally. Drawing on the research, HCRI staff established (2016) and trained the UK EMT through UK-Med, a closely associated Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). HCRI led programmes of work to support EMTs in several countries to reach the standards required for WHO validation. The research led to HCRI’s designation in 2016 as a collaborating centre of the WHO, through which it carries out activities in support of WHO programmes. In 2020 this designation was extended to 2022.
Impact dateAug 20132020
Category of impactHealth and wellbeing, Policy

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  • Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute