Discovering Grassroots Catholic Culture in Theatre: Searchable catalogue of the fonds Brochet (Bibliothèque Jacques-Lacarrière, Auxerre, France)

Impact: Cultural impacts, Societal impacts


The product of the underpinning research is a dynamically searchable, on-line catalogue of the archives of theatrical producer, critic and cultural promoter Henri Brochet (1898-1952). Preservation and interpretation of historical memory is a major part of the impact, which comes from the discovery of an aspect of grassroots Catholic activity in France. Importantly, the catalogue is physically sited not in one of the metropolitan centres of France but in Auxerre, Brochet’s home town (a major centre at the provincial level). Access to these materials has enabled an apparently peripheral (regional) public to understand local, national, and international heritage in ways that enrich civic and cultural life.
Impact date2014
Category of impactCultural impacts, Societal impacts
Impact levelBenefit