Documentary Refugee Lifelines

Impact: Societal impacts


Co-production between myself (with SED RSF impact funding) and an Iranian refugee filmmaker in Thessaloniki and the support of Symßiosis, a refugee advocacy organisation in Thessaloniki, in order to translate the very similar experiences of refuge and asylum and the similar political response in Tel Aviv (based on my research findings) and Thessaloniki into a documentary film. The film, entitled ‘Refugee Lifelines’ was researched and shot in the tradition of participatory filmmaking with three distinct groups of refugees (Senegalese, Afghani and Iranian) in the first half of 2014 and premiered at a screening in Xanthi on 27 June (two hours from Thessaloniki) at a public screening with subsequent discussion with some of the refugees involved. The screening was followed by a lively public debate, as were subsequent screenings in Thessaloniki, and people who attended often for the first time engaged with the real lives of refugees. I also use the film in my teaching.
Impact date2015
Category of impactSocietal impacts
Impact levelEngagement

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  • Global inequalities
  • Global Development Institute