Encouraging and enabling dental teams and the wider public to participate in efforts to reduce Antibiotic Resistance (ABR) and Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Impact: Health and wellbeing


International action is required to combat ABR and AMR. It is estimated that by 2050 infections resistant to drugs with be the number one cause of death globally.

Wendy was an author on FDI's World Dental Federation White Paper "The essential role of the dental team in reducing antibiotic resistance"-which provides a framework for dental teams to participate in efforts to reduce ABR. It builds on FDI’s policy statement on antibiotic stewardship in dentistry by setting out the context for the global problem of ABR and guiding the dental profession to play a part in tackling it.

Wendy was lead educator for its accompanying online training course which was in part based on her research has been accessed by over 2000 people including policy makers, dental and medical professionals, patients and members of the public across over 100 countries. In 2020, Glasgow Dental School made completion of this course mandatory for final year undergraduates. A questionnaire completed by 88 of these students indicated the online training had increased their understanding of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) from a global perspective.

Wendy regularly lectures to dentists internationally on this subject, including at the World Dental Congress 2021 and in 2021 will talk for the International Association of Dental Students, Hong Kong Dental Association, Indian Dental Association and various for the British Dental Association.

In 2021, Wendy co-developed an Antibiotic Stewardship Tool for Dentistry: Shared Decision-Making for Adults with Toothache or Infection, a paper based worksheet entitled 'Step-by-step guide to fixing your toothache' for use at point of care aiming to encourage behaviour change. Further evaluation is necessary to evaluate it's efficacy.

The World Health Organisation are working to reduce inappropriate antibiotic consumption. Wendy contributed to the dental chapter of WHO's new AWaRE antibiotic book, published in December 2022. It aims to provide evidence based, actionable guidance for antibiotic use in the most common clinical infections in both primary health care and hospital settings.

Impact date2020
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