Exhibiting Surrealism to the Public

  • David Lomas (Participant)
  • Anna Dezeuze (Participant)
  • James Boaden (Participant)
  • Julia Kelly (Participant)
  • Samantha Lackey (Participant)



The case study focuses on exhibitions and artistic collaborations undertaken by the Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacies. It demonstrates an impact on cultural life arising from the presentation of cultural heritage, as well as influence on creative practice. The exhibitions, co-curated by David Lomas (Centre Director), drew upon the Centre’s academic research to enrich public understanding of surrealist art and ideas. Both exhibitions exceeded their attendance targets and elicited a strongly positive public reaction; they have also had a lasting impact on the galleries’ approach to exhibition making. Collaboration generated new ideas and directions for the artists concerned.
Impact date19952014
Impact levelEngagement