High Performance Magnesium Alloys

    Impact: Economic, Technological, Health and wellbeing


    Research at Manchester has led to the development of a new class of high performance magnesium alloys based on the addition of rare-earth alloying elements. The new alloys combine low density and the highest strength of any magnesium alloy. Used to substitute for aluminium in aerospace and automotive they produce weight savings of 35% improving performance and reducing fuel consumption. Commercialisation of these alloys by Magnesium Elektron (ME), the international leader in magnesium alloy development, contributes over $20m per annum to company revenue. This includes development of the first commercial product available for bioresorbable magnesium implants, SynermagTM, launched in 2012.
    Impact date2014
    Category of impactEconomic, Technological, Health and wellbeing
    Impact levelBenefit

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    • Advanced materials
    • Advanced Materials in Medicine
    • Henry Royce Institute