“I am Tibetan, this is my story”: Developing New Museological Approaches to the Representation of Tibet

Impact: Awareness and understanding, Policy, Society and culture


Museum representations of Tibet still perpetuate essentialised displays of the country and silence the rights of Tibetan people to self-representation, despite previous decolonisation programmes. Martin’s provenance and practice-led research has resulted in changes to museum practice and policy. This research has: 1) inspired and shaped museum collecting policies and programmes in the UK and India so that they represent Tibet as a contemporary and multifaceted culture and facilitate Tibetan self-representation in museums; 2) conceptualised and contributed towards the building of a new Tibet Museum in Dharamshala, India, through collaboration with Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) staff; and 3) established new museological standards and practices that have informed museum policy in the CTA, as well as public and professional understanding more widely.
Impact date20152020
Category of impactAwareness and understanding, Policy, Society and culture