Improved Software and Service Systems that Deliver Sales, Efficiency, and Access Opportunities in the European Manufacturing Industry

Impact: Economic impacts, Technological impacts


Software systems that enable companies to collaborate on complex manufacturing activities are increasingly vital for advanced industry. Research by Professor Mehandjiev and his colleagues has informed design of software modules and service systems that enable manufacturing companies to collaborate more effectively in the supply chain for European aerospace, for example by automatically proposing a suitable collaborative team in response to a given task. The research has been instrumental in three specific impacts:

(i) new software products, including a re-planning system that generated sales of EUR1,800,000 from Airbus;
(ii) enhancing the capabilities of European supply systems, including a three-fold increase in access for SMEs to the aerospace supply chain with Hanse Aerospace;
(iii) improving efficiency and effectiveness of European manufacturing, including savings of EUR10,000,000 per annum in operating costs, a 30% increase in speed of procurement and a 10% increase of throughput for Airbus.
Impact date20142019
Category of impactEconomic impacts, Technological impacts