Improving care and support for patients and families throughout the cancer trajectory.

Impact: Health impacts


Research by our group at the University of Manchester has impacted directly on policy addressing inequities in access to treatment for older women with breast cancer, affecting treatment for 10,060 older breast cancer sufferers in England each year. Our research has led to improvements in pre-operative nutrition and screening for malnutrition for nearly 100,000 patients in Greater Manchester. We have contributed directly to international guidelines on post-treatment follow up for breast cancer and management of cough in lung cancer. We have also contributed to development of national vocational rehabilitation, employer support and benefits advisors for cancer survivors, affecting 700,000 survivors across the UK. Our work has led to implementation of family carer support needs assessment in UK hospice services, to date supporting some 4,500 carers per year with wider roll out imminent.
Impact date2014
Category of impactHealth impacts
Impact levelBenefit