Improving outcomes of women diagnosed with and at increased risk of breast cancer: the results of translational research and national and international clinical trials

Impact: Health impacts, Societal impacts, Economic impacts


Researchers at the University of Manchester (UoM) have made a significant impact internationally on improving outcomes for women diagnosed with breast cancer (>49,000 pa in the UK) and on preventing the disease. The changes in clinical practice based on our research are now national guidelines and have helped set international treatment standards. These new approaches have: increased the duration of survival of women with advanced breast cancer; reduced relapse rates and improved survival after surgery for early breast cancer; and prevented disease in women at high risk. The revised treatment has benefited >1.5m women worldwide annually who develop breast cancer and sales of anastrozole, which has replaced tamoxifen as the major endocrine therapy, have grossed over $1bn p.a.
Impact date2000
Category of impactHealth impacts, Societal impacts, Economic impacts
Impact levelBenefit