Improving Public Understanding of the Effects of Aircraft Noise

Impact: Economic impacts, Technological impacts, Environmental impacts


Research undertaken at the University of Manchester (UoM) considers the association between
aircraft noise, human health and everyday life. In partnership with an eminent Japanese acoustic
scientist, the issue of noise emanating out of the Kadena US airbase (Okinawa Island) and Tokyo
Narita Airport was addressed through the creation of an innovative exhibition. The key impact is
that local government officials in Japan used the exhibition to enhance their own and citizen
groups’ understanding of acoustic science. This has helped to breach a long-standing impasse in
negotiations over aircraft noise, involving citizens, local authorities, the military and the private
sector. In addition, the research has been utilised by the makers of a leading sound-monitoring
device (Nittobo), and the multimedia exhibition has been displayed and discussed outside Japan.
Impact date2014
Category of impactEconomic impacts, Technological impacts, Environmental impacts
Impact levelBenefit