Improving quality of care through pay-for-performance

Impact: Health impacts


Research conducted by the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre (NPCRDC) at the University of Manchester (UoM) has shaped the design of pay-for-performance schemes in primary health care in the UK and overseas. Specifically, the NPCRDC developed methodologies to: 1) design and test new indicators of care quality; 2) revise and retire existing indicators; 3) structure the financial incentives awarded for indicator achievement to maximise quality improvement and minimise harm. These methodologies have been implemented by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK, where they have generated improved clinical care and a reduction in inequalities in the quality of care for people with common chronic conditions (e.g. asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes) managed in general practice. Findings from the research have been disseminated internationally, where they have influenced pay-for-performance schemes in Germany and the United States of America.
Impact date2014
Category of impactHealth impacts
Impact levelAdoption