Improving the Quality of British Elections: Balancing Access with Integrity

Impact: Political impacts


Professor Sobolewska’s research into electoral inequalities and electoral fraud among ethnic minority populations has had national-level impact on policy-making and services:

1. Shaping Electoral Commission guidance to political activists during election campaigns and the national campaign on preventing electoral fraud with Crimestoppers;

2. Informing Members of Parliament and Members of the Lords, who used the research in their interventions in the House of Commons to raise awareness of electoral integrity, in the legislative scrutiny of the 2013 Electoral Registration and Administration Act by the House of Lords, and in amendments to the 2020 Parliamentary Constituency Bill proposed in the House of Lords;

3. Influencing the grant-making practices of charitable organisations, aiming to increase electoral registration and turnout of ethnic minorities in Britain.
Impact date20142020
Category of impactPolitical impacts