Jews in Eastern Bloc Film

Impact: Society and culture


Curator / Q&A leader / panellist, public online 4-film series Jews in Eastern Bloc Film with public panel discussions, funded with £1818 through the Faculty Research Recovery Fund, Manchester University. 1) The Black Book (France 2019), d. Pierre Guillaume, in collaboration with UK Jewish Film Festival and Rothschild Jewish Studies Partnership,; 2) Free online streaming of Frank Beyer’s Jacob the Liar (GDR 1974), d. Frank Beyer, University of Manchester Holocaust Memorial Day event in collaboration with Manchester Reform Synagogue,; accompanied by a community Holocaust Memorial Day workshop that I lead for Manchester Reform Synagogue’s Adult Education programme on 9 February 2022; 3) Free online streaming of Aleksandr Askoldov’s Commissar (USSR 1967), d. Aleksandr Askoldov,; 4) Free online streaming of Annekatrin Hendel’s The Brasch Family with recorded live panel discussion and Q&A,
Impact dateNov 2021May 2022
Category of impactSociety and culture
Impact levelEngagement