Novel Statistical Methods for Optimising Production of Disc Brake Pads

  • Donev, Alexander (Participant)
  • Liam Brown (Participant)
  • Sergio Loeza-Serrano (Participant)

    Impact: Technological, Economic, Health and wellbeing


    Novel statistical methods were developed in order to address the needs of Federal-Mogul Corporation (FM), an innovative and diversified $6.9bn global component supplier to vehicle manufacturers, with a broad range of customers in the industrial sector. During 2012, the research underpinned the production of new disc brake pad products for Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Mercedes Benz and VW. The research has already resulted in significant benefits for the company by improving the manufacturing process, allowing it to be optimised to a mean specification, and by reducing the production cycle time by 30%.
    Impact date2014
    Category of impactTechnological, Economic, Health and wellbeing
    Impact levelBenefit