PRINTS and InterPro – online resources that facilitate discovery of pharmaceutical and commercially relevant information in proteomic and genomic data-sets

Impact: Economic, Health and wellbeing, Technological


Automation of genomic data analysis has become essential. High-throughput sequencing technologies are producing data faster than can be managed and interpreted, meaning that much biomedical information remains unused.
Research led by Attwood introduced a unique method for protein sequence characterisation and a derived database of diagnostic protein signatures (PRINTS). This led directly to the development of a new database (InterPro), now routinely used to annotate the world’s largest protein sequence archive (UniProt), and complete genomes and metagenomes. The databases and their search tools have been exploited in the private sector (including SMEs and multi-national pharmaceutical and agrichemical companies), generating workflows that have yielded candidate drug targets and provided insights into disease mechanisms.
Impact date2014
Category of impactEconomic, Health and wellbeing, Technological
Impact levelBenefit