Public engagement with the research of Jodrell Bank

  • O'Brien, Timothy (Participant)
  • Teresa Anderson (Participant)
  • Ian Morison (Participant)

Impact: Economic, Environmental, Society and culture, Technological


For decades Jodrell Bank has been a world-leader in both radio astronomy research and public engagement with science. The Lovell Telescope in particular, whilst still remaining one of the world’s foremost active research instruments, has become an icon for UK science and engineering. In this case study we show how Jodrell Bank research has had a significant impact on society, culture and creativity, including economic impacts of tourism, educational impacts from engagement with schools, and cultural and creative impacts in television, music and the arts. Our approach to delivering this impact is varied and wide-ranging but a key vehicle is the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. The Centre has a significant impact on the regional economy and has attracted 496,000 visitors (including 43,000 school pupils) to engage with our research over the REF period Jan 2008-Jul 2013.
Impact date2014
Category of impactEconomic, Environmental, Society and culture, Technological
Impact levelAdoption