Rapid diagnostic pathways reduce unnecessary hospital admissions for suspected acute coronary syndromes

  • Body, Rick (Participant)
  • Kevin Mackway-Jones (Participant)
  • Garry Mcdowell (Participant)

Impact: Health and wellbeing, Economic, Policy


We developed and validated three new methods to obviate the need for inpatient investigation of chest pain, a common reason for emergency hospital admission. Our research involving >4,000 patients, led to improved diagnostic technologies. Two applications of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin assays are now incorporated in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), and European Society of Cardiology guidelines. A third, the Troponin-only Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (T-MACS) decision aid is being implemented across Greater Manchester allowing quicker, more effective diagnosis and treatment. It has been used for >30,000 patients, leading to reduced hospital admissions and savings of approximately GBP2,000 per patient. Our research has supported roll-out of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin testing in England, Wales and the United States.

Impact date1 Jan 201631 Dec 2020
Category of impactHealth and wellbeing, Economic, Policy
Impact levelAdoption