Robotic and mechatronic manufacturing of 3D shell-shaped textile products to deliver medical and structural textile reinforcements

Impact: Economic, Health and wellbeing, Technological


Mechatronics and robotics research into 3D shell-shaped textile products undertaken at the University of Manchester has delivered benefits in two major fields of application:

Medical device development: Research into fabric behaviour, and technological manufacturing developments resulted in the creation of a novel compression garment technology – Scan2Knit. Scan2Knit is used globally in healthcare to treat patients needing compression garments, as well as in sport to increase post-exercise muscle recovery. Scan2Knit is now commercially licensed to Advanced Therapeutic Materials Ltd.

Advanced composites winding technologies; A 9-axis robotic winding device was conceptualised through this research. This novel technology has been transferred to Cygnet Texkimp, winner of the UK Composites Innovation of the Year Award 2017, and has boosted annual company revenue by GBP1,000,000.
Impact date1 Aug 201331 Jul 2020
Category of impactEconomic, Health and wellbeing, Technological
Impact levelAdoption

Research Beacons, Institutes and Platforms

  • Advanced materials
  • Henry Royce Institute