Singing for Life: Advancing Natural Voice Practice through Professional Development and Intercultural Engagement

Impact: Awareness and understanding, Health and wellbeing, Society and culture


Bithell’s research into the natural voice movement and global singing traditions generated new knowledge, understanding and methodologies that have impacted on professional and creative practice. Beneficiaries of the research include: i) an international network of 700+ choir directors, whose practice has been elevated, enriched and expanded; and ii) thousands of amateur singers and performers of world music, who have experienced technical improvement and new forms of intercultural engagement. Key pathways to impact included: i) professional development accessed via a monograph, CPD events and online resources; and ii) voice workshops, festival plenaries and advisory work that engaged a wider public.
Impact dateJan 2014Dec 2020
Category of impactAwareness and understanding, Health and wellbeing, Society and culture
Impact levelBenefit